Sutter Creek Fire Protection District

Proudly Serving the Cities of Amador City & Sutter Creek and the surrounding areas.

The Sutter Creek Fire Protection District has an opening for Fire Commissioner.

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Individuals from Sutter Creek or Amador City may drop off a letter of interest at 350 Hanford Street, Sutter Creek by 17:00 hrs. January 16th 2024.
The Board of Commissioners will be interviewing interested applicants
with possible approval at the January 16th, 2024, Board Meeting at 1800 hrs.

If you any questions, feel free to contact us at (209) 267-0285.


01-16-24 Agenda


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sutter creek fire history


The Sutter Creek Fire History Projects were started in 2005 by the Sutter Creek Fire District (SCFD) and the Sutter Creek Volunteer Fire Department (SCVFD) to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Sutter Creek Fire District. The initial project was to research and develop a written/graphic history of the organizations’ service to Sutter Creek and Amador County. Additionally, the SCFD/SCVFD has rebuilt and displayed several pieces of vintage fire fighting equipment; rehabbed and re-equipped the Amador City 1939 Dodge fire truck for display in the old Amador City firehouse which has been developed as a fire museum and relocated the first Sutter Creek fire bell to the Main Fire Station with a historic marker related to the bell.

View full history here.